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Hurricane Season is Here

7/26/2022 (Permalink)

Hurricane season is upon us and it is important to keep in mind the proper precautions needed for the inclement weather. Make sure to go through the NOAA’s suggestions and evacuation procedures. Let’s stay safe this summer, CenLa! Check out more about what SERVPRO of Alexandria suggests on our Hurricane Season post. With Central Louisiana’s history of bad weather we want our community to be as cautious as possible.

Remember, flooding isn't covered in most Home and Renters insurance policies so you’ll need a separate solution for it. As always, SERVPRO of Alexandria is happy to help when in need. We deal with property damage like no one else, and make it “Like it never even happened.” Contact us at (318) 427-7511. As an emergency service company, we are available 24/7. 

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Pipes in the Summer

7/19/2022 (Permalink)

CenLa’s humid heat is something else! Previously, we discussed how extreme temperatures can affect your property’s pipes, causing water damage to your property. It is not just winter storms either, but also high summer temperatures that can cause damage to your pipes. Now that we are in the middle of summer, let's talk about high temperatures and its effect on pipes.

Your entire house does expand in its entirety during the summer, and so do your pipes. It is one of those science lessons you never really forget: matter typically expands a little when it gets hot, and contracts a little when it gets cold. This natural reaction tends to affect metal more than most materials.

Now, like it was previously stated, this is a natural reaction which is not entirely an unsafe thing, however, there are a couple issues that deserve professional attention. These include incorrectly installed pipes without enough room, and rattling pipes that are damaging themselves. Some pipes can be inspected with obvious signs of damage. When in doubt, perhaps a professional plumber should take a look at it. 

If you ever have to deal with the aftermath of a broken pipe, SERVPRO of Alexandria is here to help! With years of experience, our crew technicians and staff are always hero ready and here to help. Call us with any questions at (318) 427 7511 any time of day. We are a 24/7 emergency service.

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Cold Weather is Gone

5/18/2022 (Permalink)

The cold weather is officially behind us, and as the heat keeps rising, hurricane season keeps getting closer and closer. Keep in mind our previous tips on storm preparation and have a plan written out and explained to your family members. Check out our previous post on Hurricane Season Approaches. To be safe, if you’re having friends or family over for a visit, these plans should also be shared with them.  Visit to determine if you live in a hurricane evacuation zone and need to leave your home. The NOAA shares a good amount of tips on the matter. 

As always, SERVPRO of Alexandria is happy to help when in need. We deal with property damage like no one else, and make it “Like it never even happened.” Contact us at (318) 427-7511. As an emergency service company, we are available 24/7. 

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Hurricane Season Approaches

5/13/2022 (Permalink)

As the summer gets closer, hurricane season also approaches and it is important to keep in mind adequate preparation for the hard weather to come. The first part of preparation is determining your risk. The NOAA can help you with its Historical Hurricane Tracks tool that uses your zip code to display paths of past storms related to your location. Making an evacuation plan is also a good way to get ahead. Visit to determine if you live in a hurricane evacuation zone and need to leave your home. Areas prone to flooding, or a mobile home outside of an evacuation zone may also be reasons to leave. When preparing for hurricanes, having supplies to make it through the hurricane isn’t enough. Ensure you have supplies for the recovery period, which could be very long depending on the damage. Consider reviewing your insurance policy. Make sure you have enough coverage to repair or replace your home and personal items. Remember, flooding isn't covered in home and renters insurance so you’ll need a separate policy for it.

As always, SERVPRO of Alexandria is happy to help when in need. We deal with property damage like no one else, and make it “Like it never even happened.” Contact us at (318) 427-7511. As an emergency service company, we are available 24/7. 

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Water Damage: Pipe burst while on vacation?

5/12/2022 (Permalink)

exposed under sink pipe Exposed under sink pipe in bathroom.

We find it to be very important to occasionally check on your vacant properties. If you have plans out of town, or if it's a second home, having a trusted friend or family member come around to verify that everything is doing well a couple times a week is heavily recommended.

A couple in our community had some issues while they were out on a trip and unfortunately a pipe burst, causing a lot of water damage throughout the house. Thankfully, they had someone to periodically check on the house, and were able to do something and call us to help on time. Having wooden floors, it would have been tragic to have water standing for too long. If this would have happened, the moisture could have led to suspicious growth and the damage to be greater. 

Take notes! Even if it is for a weekend, especially during extreme weather conditions, consider having someone check up on your living space. As always, SERVPRO of Alexandria is here to help the community of CenLa with any emergency service regarding water damage. Contact us at (318) 427-7511 any time of day, and day of the week.

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Water Damage: Kitchen Pipe Burst

4/14/2022 (Permalink)

Removed baseboard from kitchen cabinets Removed Baseboard From Kitchen Cabinets

SERVPRO of Alexandria received a call not too long ago, regarding a burst pipe. A member of our beloved community dealt with some issues underneath her kitchen sink. Our crew chief and technicians were well on their way within minutes after the call. Not only was the residency close by, but we were packed and loaded fast, and efficiently. 

After assessing the damage and while the crew chief made annotations, crew technicians began to work on the property, removing baseboards to let the drying happen quicker. 

To find out more about our process for water damage remediation you can check out our blog on How SERVPRO Helps: Water Damage. 

Call SERVPRO of Alexandria at (318) 427-7511 any time of the day, any day of the week. We are an emergency service company, ready to help the community of Central Louisiana.

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Smoke Damage in Electronics

3/30/2022 (Permalink)

Do electronics still work after a fire?

Although fires bring extensive damage to your property, the consequences of smoke are also worth mentioning. Let’s talk about what smoke can do to your electronics.

Smoke contains different chemical compounds that can cause damage to computers, TV’s and even sound systems. Electronics are sensitive enough that their circuitry can be easily damaged by smoke from the smallest of fires.

Smoke causes damage through the heat elements that lead to failure in electronics. It infiltrates the inner components and coats parts with a black film. When the inner workings are coated, especially the parts that produce heat as part of the electronics, it creates insulation and a magnetic charge. 

Soot buildup is also a cause for concern. It could get pushed by smoke and make contact with anything in its path. Soot from smoke contains acidity that will destroy metals and cause disintegration and discoloration. If the area is damp, the moisture will make the soot even more acidic, which could lead to permanent staining surfaces. 

Can my device be saved?

Sometimes the damage done by smoke is simply too much to restore certain devices. It all depends on the damage and the type of electronics in question. 

After a fire, damaged electronics are a safety hazard. Keep them turned off until a professional takes a look at them. Also take into consideration the potential water damage done from putting the fire out. This could lead to a shortage. You can improve the chances of saving any device by carefully unplugging, removing, and cleaning items. However, if it has a heavy coating of soot, smoke, or burn marks, restoring it is not an option. Rather safely discard the device. 

Something SERVPRO of Alexandria understands, is that smoke damage can be as problematic as fire or water damage. Therefore, we want our community in Central Louisiana to be well informed about the issues smoke can cause and how to properly address them. We are an emergency service ready to help any day at any time. You can contact us through phone at (318) 427-7511 with any questions.

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Water Damage After a Fire

3/16/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Van parked outside a client's house SERVPRO van on the job.

With every fire job that comes our way, there is an important question we ask: how was the fire extinguished? 

The answer to this question will dictate numerous things; how we address the job, how long it will take for our technicians to finish the job, and the extent of the job. The answers to each of these questions will determine the level of service necessary as well as the estimate.

As the service provider, SERVPRO of Alexandria handles logistics so you don't have to. It is because of this that, as a member of our community, we expect you to deal with as little as possible after already having to cope with a tragic situation. We are always honored to be chosen as the trusted service provider to get the job done and do it properly.

Water Damage After a Fire

When you experience a fire at your home or business, who do you call? Firefighters. What do firefighters use to put out the fire? Water. And so, now what you believed to have been just fire damage has turned into water damage as well. Knowing this should help inform you when choosing the right mitigation company. Make sure that the company can provide restoration work for both types of damage.

SERVPRO of Alexandria takes care of the community of Central Louisiana in the best way possible to us. Always ready to help, any day of the week, at any hour of the day. We pride ourselves in our hard work, discretion, and efficiency. Our team is built on tact and respect. Contact us at (318) 427-7511. 

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History of The Fire Extinguisher

2/24/2022 (Permalink)

Vintage fire extinguisher patent Vintage fire extinguisher patent

Just like any other advancement, the fire extinguisher has a rather analogue past. The earliest version of a fire extinguisher could be considered a bucket chain leading from a well or water source to the site of a blaze. Ctesibius of Alexandria, “the father of pneumatics”, brought the pump into our history around 200 B.C.

In the 15th century, a sprinkler system was installed in case of a fire by da Vinci at a commissioned job for the Duke of Milan. 

Modern Fire Extinguishers

Wall-mounted fire extinguishers was a patented system by Ambrose Godfrey who was inspired by the sprinkler system. In the event of a fire, fuses attached to the device would ignite and detonate a small chamber of gunpowder. The resulting explosions would spread onto the fire.  

It was British inventor George William Manby who invented the first portable pressurized fire extinguisher between 1810 and 1818. What he called his “extincteur” was capable of deploying up to three gallons of potassium carbonate onto a fire. 

In France 1866, soda-acid fire extinguishers were first developed and found their way to the USA in 1881 by way of Almon M. Granger. In case of fire, a person would break open a bottle of acid attached to the device and mix it into a larger container of sodium bicarbonate. The resulting chemical reaction would pressurize a stream of water that was directed through a hose. 

Foam fire extinguishers and beyond

Russian engineer Aleksandr Loran found inspiration in the foamy head from a glass of beer and invented fire fighting foam in 1904. He patented the foam fire extinguisher that same year. The new foam-based fire extinguishers were able to fight oil-based flames.

American homes and public buildings were outfitted with glass fire grenades. These were hung from the walls and filled with water or carbon tetrachloride, a colorless liquid that chemically inhibits the combustion process. The globes would be thrown into the fire, chattering. The most popular brand was manufactured by Red Comet in Denver, who specialized as a safety company from 1919 into the early 1980s. Though the spheres are no longer in function, the early fire grenades are now  traded as antiquities.

New Generation Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers have not changed too much in design since, however their firefighting challenges have evolved for specific fires:

  • Liquid based
  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Grease
  • Combustible Metals

You can look into our previous blog on Different Types of Fire Extinguishers to learn more about them. You may also be interested in finding out what is considered a Natural Fire Extinguisher, as well as learning about the importance of a Fire Drill.

Follow our blog for more information on fire damage, and how SERVPRO of Alexandria helps the community of Central Louisiana from a worst case scenario to the tiniest of damages. We are here to help, and ready whenever you need us. Open 24/7 don’t hesitate to call us at (318) 427-7511. Stay safe CenLa! 

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How frequent should you clean your air ducts?

2/15/2022 (Permalink)

Crew chief and technician sealing vents to block air from coming in. Technicians sealing off vents to pull air and contents from the ducts.

How often should you be cleaning your air ducts?

According to the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association, property owners should have their air ducts cleaned every three to five years. However, the timing may also depend on the region you are in, as well as the use you give your HVAC system. On the other hand, if air quality is a priority due to health reasons, you might consider investing in duct cleaning often enough to prevent allergic reactions. 

You may find it necessary to have your ducts cleaned once you conduct a visual inspection of your air ducts, or have an HVAC technician do it for you. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends cleaning the ducts if and when:

  • You find evidence of suspicious growth, or a musty odor.
  • You see a visible “poof” of dust released from the supply registers. If you see a cloud of dust when air is expelled from the ducts, or black debris is around the air vent register, these are usually signs that your air duct needs cleaning. 
  • Looking inside the system when you change filters might help you get a better idea of how dusty they are. If there is extensive buildup, definitely get professionals to clean them up. 
  • There are unwanted guests inside the ducts. Perhaps some buzzing or scratching noises are coming from inside, or even seen some pests entering and exiting the ducts.

In any case, SERVPRO of Alexandria is more than willing to help out the community of Central Louisiana. If you have any questions regarding our process, please feel free to check out our blogs on the subject:

If you have any questions regarding duct cleaning, we are happy to answer them. You may contact our offices at (318) 427-7511. SERVPRO of Alexandria is an emergency service company open 24/7. 

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