What our Customers say...


The guys are super nice and respectful. Seems like SERVPRO of Alexandria makes sure to have quality workers in the field. They cleaned after themselves after the job was done. If I had any issues there was always someone willing to help fix the problem. Really great service.

I called SERVPRO of Alexandria for some duct cleaning services and they were so nice on the phone. The guys took their time to make sure every duct was properly cleaned. They were professional and respectful. My house smelled great afterwards.

SERVPRO of Alexandria really helped out with a mold problem in my building. It was all over the walls and some parts of the ceiling. They did an excellent job at removing it all. Really thankful for their work.

Last year, during the harsh cold weather, I had some issues with my roof and water leaked. They guys at SERVPRO did an awesome job at getting my home fixed. Their scented sprays also helped with the smell the dirty water left.

When my water heater’s pipe burst, the SERVPRO guys did a great job at getting rid of the water that was left standing. They were professional, quick, and efficient. I'm really thankful for them because they were here within two hours of the incident. 

The crew at SERVPRO of Alexandria did a great job restoring my home after the hot water heater burst in the attic. They were quick to respond and had awesome customer service. They made the claim process easier for me by explaining the process and talking to the insurance adjuster. I would definitely recommend SERVPRO of Alexandria to anyone looking for a professional company.

The team at SERVPRO of Alexandria helped me restore my business after we had an electrical fire. The smoke traveled through the air vents and made every office stink. They came in and worked with my insurance company to get us back to work faster than I thought. It wasn't just an odor issue either. There was a burnt wall that created black soot. The crew cleaned everything and removed what couldn't be cleaned. Would definitely recommend! Thanks SERVPRO of Alexandria! 

They did a very first class, professional job. I may be missing a few names but Justin, Hannah and Adrian were excellent. Can't think of the first man on the scene but he was great too. It could have been very stressful for us- especially my wife, but she was very comfortable and satisfied with how conscientious the guys were with cleaning and being very careful of our personal belongings. Well done to you all! You took the stress out of what could of been a very difficult situation.

Thanks for all your help with this project! As fairly new homeowners I really appreciated the insight and expertise you provided during your initial assessment of our home and I was only further impressed with your entire crew as we navigated the cleanup/restoration process.

I was impressed with the level of communication everyone who came out to the house was able to provide, from calling ahead, to answering questions I had during the process. Josh, Hannah, DeDe, and Nick were all out over about a 5 day period and all of them were fantastic to work with.

Thank YOU for your help as well, I felt like we were in good hands from start to finish.

The SERVPRO Of Alexandria did an outstanding job communicating with me on the entire process of mold removal. Professional and detailed oriented! The guys did an awesome job!

SERVPRO of Alexandria came out to my house and provided me an estimate on mold remediation. They were able to give me lots of information about mold remediation process. Ultimately, we hired them and they did a great job. I am happy with their services. So professional!

During a recent storm event my home experience floodwater damage. The crew of SERVPRO Of Alexandria was able to get to my house quickly! The crew got here and got to work! Once the water was gone they helped me finalize my claim. I will definitely recommend them to friends and family in the future.

In a recent storm huge branch fell on my house. I called SERVPRO of Alexandria, they got to my house in a flash! They communicated the cleaning process well and got all the water out! So prompt and professional!

SERVPRO of Alexandria was quick and professional. They were  helpful and respectful of my house. They were able to get the water out and save my my wood floors. I recommend everyone to use SERVPRO OF ALEXANDRIA.

I woke up and found that I had 1-2 feet of water in my kitchen. The thunderstorm last night brought in lots of rain. Because we lived in a low lying area, the water got in our house. My carpets was soaked and the walls were wet. I thought I had to replace the carpets. I called SERVPRO of Alexandria, the crew got to my house quickly and was able to save my carpets. 

A storm caused a tree to fall onto the lobby area. There was significant water damage. The floors and walls was soaked. We called SERVPRO of Alexandria. The crew brought out fans and dehumidifiers! Wow! These guys knew what they was doing! Within a few days, everything was dry.

Our law firm were preparing for our annual Thanksgiving Lunch party and found out that we had mold in our back kitchen. The crew from SERVPRO was very helpful! They eliminated the mold and odor. 

I came to the office in the morning and discovered that the hot water tank had leaked and caused water damage. I called SERVPRO of Alexandria. They got to the office within an hour. They were quick and professional.

We had a fire in our house when a potpourri holder ignited. They arrived and took an inventory of all of our damage belongings. This was very helpful since the insurance company requested that we make a list of what was damaged. They cleaned everything including the house and got rid of the nasty smell. Hopefully we never need them again but if we do they will hear from us!

These guys are awesome! The insurance company told me to call them when we had a roof leak. They came over with their fans and dehumidifiers and quickly dried up the attic and living room. Thanks SERVPRO!

SERVPRO of Alexandria cleaned the drywall dust out of my house once the contractor was finished remodeling. That dust gets everywhere, including the a/c dusts. They cleaned the duct work and the house with zero hiccups.

We had a small grease fire in the kitchen and SERVPRO worked with the insurance company to clean the house and get rid of the smell. They were very polite and knowledgeable.

SERVPRO of Alexandria dried and cleaned mold from our attic after we had a roof leak. They were very professional and took the time to explain their process. I will recommend them in the future.

We returned from vacation to discover that our A/C drain line leaked and caused the hardwood floors to buckle. SERVPRO of Alexandria responded and quickly began the drying process. The results saved our floors and we couldn't have been happier.

SERVPRO of Alexandria did a wonderful job of cleaning my house after a grease fire. They got the terrible smokey smell out as well as removed all of the soot stains. We are now in the painting stage and the painter said that they did a good job. I recommend SERVPRO of Alexandria to anyone who experienced a home fire. Kelly was great on the phone and the crews treated us with respect. Thank you!

When water damage occurred in my house due to a pipe leak SERVPRO of Alexandria responded promptly and professionally. They extracted all of the water and set up there equipment to continue the drying process. They were extremely professional and worked with my insurance company closely to get the job done asap. I will recommend them to my friends and family.

Our house caught on fire and SERVPRO of Alexandria was very professional, prompt and polite. I am very impressed with the level of service and could not have asked for better service.

While renovating my home we discovered mold. SERVPRO of Alexandria came out to my house and accessed the situation. They recommended an industrial hygienist to determine the extent of damage. Once they developed a game plan they removed all of the mold. I couldn't be happier. Thank you!

SERVPRO of Alexandria helped me figure out the how best to dry out my home after a flood. They were fast and polite. Most importantly they removed the water and building materials before mold set in.

We experienced a death in our family which needed a variety of cleaning methods. SERVPRO of Alexandria kindly worked with us to clean the house and restore it. We were grieving and their crew was courteous and fast. THey also helped us with the insurance side of things. Unbeknownst to us this loss was covered under our policy.

SERVPRO of Alexandria helped me get my home clean and ready to sell. They did a great job of removing odors and cleaned my ducts. My home is now on the market. Thanks guys!

We had a grease fire and SERVPRO of Alexandria immediately responded with their cleaning crew. They were able to remove soot on the ceiling and walls and even provided duct cleaning to improve the air quality. Will definitely recommend them in the future.

When we expanded our building to provide for more retail space there was a lot of drywall dust, saw dust and debris. SERVPRO of Alexandria was able to provide post construction cleanup. We were able to open the new space immediately after they completed their cleaning process.