Photo Gallery

Technician spraying sealing chemical on growth-affected areas.

Mold Remediation: Sealing

Once surfaces with growth have been removed, technicians will use a special sealing chemical on the once affected area in order to contain any growth that could have potentially be left, preventing it from growing in the future.

SERVPRO of Alexandria's crew chief making a floor plan sketch of the affected property

Floor Plan Sketch

In order for our administrative team to get a better idea of what our technicians' work will be per job, the crew chief will make out a sketch plan of the property's dimensions, where specific measures will be mentioned. This also supports the estimating process. 

Baseboards taken off the wall

Residential Sink Pipe Burst

When there is a risk of water damage, it is important to call professionals as soon as possible and remove any standing water. One of the first things our crew does after analyzing damages in your property, is to remove the affected areas’ baseboards. Here is where the technician will be measuring the moisture levels throughout the drying process.

SERVPRO's Crew Chief cleaning floor ducts with a compressed air hose.

Duct Cleaning in Natchitoches

Our Crew Chief is working hard to get all that dust and dirt out of those vents. Using compressed air instead of a brush really makes a difference. That’s why SERVPRO of Alexandria invests in state of the art equipment in order to properly service Central Louisiana. Duct cleaning never looked better.

Hurricane Michael 2018: customer servive

During a credit union water restoration job we were tasked with keeping a portable ATM running. This required refueling and clearing trees for accessibility. The customers were more than happy since most banks were closed. 

Hurricane Michael 2018: roughing it in Panama Beach

SERVPRO of Alexandria responded to Panama Beach, Florida after Hurricane Michael Hit in the fall of 2018. This picture is of Morgan brushing his teeth at about 5am in a Publix parking lot. 

Even the boss gets dirty!

At SERVPRO of Alexandria everyone plays a part. This funny picture is of Morgan working a fire restoration job at a church in Woodworth. We strongly believe in leading by example. 

Bolton Clean Up Day 2018

SERVPRO of Alexandria had the opportunity to assist Bolton High School in cleaning up the building and surround grounds in preparation for the 2018 school year.

It was a wonderful experience that allowed us to get involved with our community as well provide some much needed restoration to a 102 year old school.

Black Mold?

Black Mold? If a fire and water restoration company says "black mold" without having a mold report BE VERY WEARY OF THEM. Its common to say "black mold" but the truth is most people have no idea what it is unless its sampled by a licensed mold inspector or industrial hygienist, sent to a lab and identified as such within a report.

When people say "black mold" typically they mean Stachybotrys chartarum. The following is a link to the center for disease control with FAQ's:

SERVPRO of Alexandria follows strict guidelines regarding the remediation of any kind of suspicious growth. If you want to be 100% sure that your mold issue has been handled correctly then give us a call. There is only one way to do this type of work so except nothing less.

Central Louisiana Mold Proliferation

These patches of mold were caused by the condensation and moisture buildup between the bedroom wall and the opposing room's bathtub plumbing. The service door cut out in the wall revealed the leak which we fixed and then treated the walls, after scraping, with an antifungal agent.

Fast Smoke & Fire Cleanup for an Alexandria Office Building

The fire started in the breakroom on the bottom floor of the building from a microwave.  The fire department arrived within minutes to put the fire out, but there was heavy smoke throughout the lower level of the building.  We were on site within 15 minutes from receiving the call from the property manager. We were prepared to take instant action since we had set up an ERP (Emergency Ready Profile) with management previously. We immediately set air scrubbers throughout the lower level to limit the smoke damage and then started removing affected contents from the source room. By 9 pm we had the microwave room completely taken apart and cleaned up. Our crews continued cleaning all the rooms affected by the smoke. Ultimately, the customer was quite pleased.

Lobby in a Natchitoches Office Needs a Sewage Cleanup

The call to our SERVPRO franchise meant an immediate response to this backed up sewage issue in a central Louisiana building. We have the skilled technicians and the resources to remove the water, disinfect and deodorize the lobby, and make the area functional, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Alexandria serving food at the Salvation Army

Kelli and Morgan serving gumbo and cake at the Alexandria Salvation Army to those less fortunate than ourselves. Helping those less fortunate than ourselves doesn't always mean mitigating water or fire damage in their homes. #salvationArmy #heroReady #community

SERVPRO of Alexandria is always prepared for a Storm!

SERVPRO of Alexandria is faster to any disaster. Our storm team is always stocked and ready to work for any storm event. Being on the east coast, it is critical to always be prepared. 

Flooding and water emergencies don’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. SERVPRO of Alexandria provides emergency cleaning and restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—including all holidays. You can expect an immediate response time, day or night.

A fast response is crucial to flooding and storm damage, because it reduces secondary damage and restoration costs. Storms don’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. Our technicians will respond immediately, day or night, to help Alexandria business owners and residents.

Sewage/Toilet Backup in Natchhitoches

Water from a sewer backup should be considered very dangerous and dealt with as quickly as possible. A mop and common household cleaning products may not be enough for black water intrusions. Special training and equipment is necessary to clean this type of contamination. If this happens in your home or business call us ASAP and we'll send a team of trained and certified Water Restoration Technicians to the rescue. Call SERVPRO of Alexandria day or night 24/7/365 for immediate service: 318-427-7511

Sewage Cleanup in Alexandria

Call the professionals when you encounter a sewage backup. Protect yourself and your family from harmful bacteria and viruses. SERVPRO of Alexandria comes equipped to cleanup, disinfect and restore your home back to it's original state.

Drilling Holes For Faster Drying

This photo is an example of how in select water damage situations SERVPRO of Alexandria are able to remove the baseboard or vinyl molding at the base of the wall and drill several 1/2" holes in between the studs along the base of the wall. Air movers are then placed along the wall blowing drying air. This helps increase circulation within the wall cavity and speeds up the drying process while avoiding cutting into the drywall.  When the area is completely dry the holes can be hidden when the baseboard or vinyl molding is replaced.

Storm Damaged Alexandria Home

The flooding from this storm covered the floor of this home in Alexandria leading to severe wicking which destroyed the carpeting and drywall. Demolition and discarding of saturated materials are sometimes the only options. Drying out and preparing for a rebuild on the storm-damaged rooms follows.

Alexandria Storm Damaged Downstairs

The damage on the walls from the storm water was limited because of the tear out. Only several feet of drywall needed replacing due to the fast arrival and water removal performed by our SERVPRO of Alexandria technicians. We work hard to save you money and inconveniences.

Mold remediation at Pineville Home

After SERVPRO of Alexandria responded to a water loss at this Pineville home we noticed suspicious growth inside the wall cavities and on the studs. We were able to control the moisture levels and rid the home of mold. 

Mold Containment in Natchitoches Home

Mold remediation must be handled in a safe and efficient manner. SERVPRO of Alexandria contained the affected areas using poly sheeting while wearing HAZMAT clothing and gear. HEPA filtration systems and air scrubbers capture errant mold spores that may spread to future mold growth in different rooms of the home. You can trust the SERVPRO of Alexandria team to restore your home to its pre-mold safe condition.

Mold Damage - Alexandria Home

SERVPRO of Alexandria responded to mold damage at this Alexandria home. It began as a simple water loss. The damage went from water to the mold infestation shown in less than three days. Mold damage can be harmful to the resident's health and should be analyzed by a professional and treated according to the type of mold it is. 

Smoke and Soot in Woodworth home

The house fire was very destructive, and the superheated air transported a large amount of dirty soot to this bathroom. The clean up was time-consuming and required many pieces of equipment and cleaning products. The homeowner was pleased with the results.

Fire damage at a Winnfield home

Fire damage at this Winnfield home began in the kitchen when a pan on the stove was forgotten. Fortunately, for the homeowners they were able to extinguish the fire quickly leaving mostly soot and smoke damage. SERVPRO of Alexandria was able to clean up the damage quickly and thoroughly.

Smoke damage in a Pineville home

Fires can be devastating and the smoke smell unbearable. Before the restoration process can occur we needed to get the smoke smell out. With our smoke damage cleaning process we were able to remove the bad odor and make this home livable again. 

Post construction cleanup at an Alexandria business

This Alexandria facility suffered a heavy water loss and needed a quick response to get them back up and running. SERVPRO of Alexandria's team of dedicated professionals are always ready and we were able to deliver on that quick response.

Pipe ruptured at a Marksville business

During a recent freeze SERVPRO of Alexandria was called to a Marksville business to control a leak they had when a pipe ruptured over night. After water extraction we placed equipment and were able to dry the hallway and adjacent rooms to within our predetermined goals. Minimal demolition was required and the customer was happy with the results.

Pipe rupture at Pineville business

SERVPRO of Alexandria responded to a busted pipe during a major freeze. This caused some chaos for the business but we were able to extract most of the water and get it dry in a reasonable amount of time. Besides getting the building dry our primary concern is to limit business interruption.

Commercial water damage at Alexandria business

SERVPRO of Alexandria responded to a water loss at an Alexandria business. We were able to stabilize the environment and dry the area in 3 days. We needed to utilize a power distribution box so as not to flip breakers and interrupt business. The owner and insurance company were happy with the results!

Our Marketing Manager Sean is working the storm leads

When a storm event occurs, Sean jumps in to help with dispatch. He is calling all the leads that we have received in the most recent storm event.

Kelli handling a water claim

Kelli is the friendly voice that you hear when you call our office. In this picture she is working with a customer to properly coordinate their job file for their insurance company. The customer experienced water damage and is rightfully fearful that their home is beyond help. Kelli takes extra special care to assuage their fears and provide exemplary service.

SERVPRO of Alexandria stops at Buc-ee's during storm event

Recently SERVPRO of Alexandria travelled to Texas for a major storm event. We always stop at Buc-ee's! During a major hurricane even us pro's require special attention. Sean and Kelli are in route to a disaster site and even though we treat this a sad time they still manage to smile!

SERVPRO of Alexandria bowling night

Sometimes its necessary to blow off a little steam. SERVPRO of Alexandria likes to engage in a little friendly competition at the local bowling alley. 

SERVPRO of Alexandria's 2017 Thanksgiving Feast

At SERVPRO of Alexandria we have a tradition of eating local Asian cuisine for our Thanksgiving feast. It is important that we all give thanks, especially to the crews that take care of fire, water and mold damage!

Taking inventory for a fire loss

Taking inventory is a job that SERVPRO of Alexandria takes seriously. This fire loss was rather large and we are doing an inventory so that we are prepared to complete the job without any delays.

SERVPRO of Alexandria professional picture day!

We had a professional photographer take headshots for our website. When proving your professionalism to the central Louisiana population you never a second chance to get a first impression!

2017 SERVPRO of Alexandria T-ball team

What a great time we all had playing and sponsoring t-ball this year! SERVPRO of Alexandria enjoyed sponsoring a team with Dixie Youth Baseball. The most important thing is that the kids had fun!

2017 National Home Builders Association convention

The National Home Builders Association of Central Louisiana invited us to set up an exhibit at their annual home show. Kelli is representing SERVPRO of Alexandria amongst other contractors and service providers!

Mariners game during the 2017 SERVPRO National convention

This picture was taken in Seattle at the 2017 annual SERVPRO National Convention. Seattle is a lovely city and the people were so nice! John Brewer 3 is having a blast watching the Astros beat up on the Mariners!

2017 SERVPRO Dragonboat Team

SERVPRO of Alexandria sponsors a Dragon Boat every year. This springtime event is something that we look forward to. The 2017 Dragon Boat races was a great time for all who participated. We cam in 3rd place!

Mold remediation

We responded to a mold job at a residential home in Alexandria. In this picture you can see Nick and DD are taking care of the situation. The homeowner was happy and our sense of urgency prevented an extended period of interruption.